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Editor: A large majority of our readers were here for the php stuff. And we loved the geeky offbeat stories that turn our heads away from the mundane. Like the use of seo to delete search results in Google. As more and more people find themselves the victim of Google searches, where private or negative information is revealed when someone searches for your name, there is an industry waiting to help. They're using search engine optimization to push a search result DOWN? Yep. They optimize other pages to outrank the problem result. Brilliant. is the most often recommended service because of their widely recognized optimization skills. This is a world that is completely driven by seo, so it's interesting that most of the reputation management firms have to pay for Google Ads instead of showing off their skills by ranking their services in the organic search. Just sayin...



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Hi-Jack's Identity Article THIS WEEK!!!


Hi-Jack, RAW and Uncensored!!

KiSS Article Finished and Released on Sunday 14 May 2006!!

As announced, we will release a list of articles about Hi-Jack's Personal opinion
on a list of hot items. Where in general Hi-Jack remains neutral on the scene, he
decided it would be great to offer his personal opinion as well which will become
very interesting if this week, we release his personal opinion on the first brand ever
covered on MPC: KiSS-Technology!

Note: Article will be released and available for Club-Members Only!
ACTION: Sign up for MPC with the code "Sunday Article" and get 10 Euro refund!!

Part of the KISS Article!



Where in the older days, in Egypt, there was someone telling their slaves to realize a Pyramid in a very
unreasonable amount of time, in which they succeeded, in the present it is KiSS itself telling all employees
to fulfill dreams and needs based on their vision into small boxes to try satisfy the media World, and they
partially fail to make the picture complete and use too much time! It's a reversed world, which some call progress.




KiSS: 37 Questions and 37 Answers!
Posted by hi-jack on Monday, March 22, 2004

A huge list of questions. That's what we had for KiSS at CeBit.
Although we did not attempt CeBit ourself, one of our contacts from
asked the questions for us.



KiSS DP-600 Region Free released!
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Site Admin

Joined: Nov 17, 2003
Posts: 9972
Location: Brussels
KiSS DP-600 Region Free released!

We are delivering on our promise to release the region Free code but once
more, we'd like to call up on those using our codes and enhancements to
support MPC and join MPC Club

Future codes will be released only in CLUB section!!
(And I was really tempted to release this one in club only as well)

Region Free KISS DP-600:
- Press the Default button in the back of the player!
- Press 9 on your remote while holding down the Default button
- Enter the code: 101100 in first field
- Press OK
- Select your prefered Region

MPC RulEZ so support us!
Info on Joining MPC CLUB!

Fri May 05, 2006 18 
New on MPC

Joined: Apr 15, 2006
Posts: 9

how manny times we can chanes it?????

Fri May 05, 2006 18 

Joined: Apr 23, 2006
Posts: 37


Now we just waiting for the VOD and IP .tv stuff

Fri May 05, 2006 19 

Joined: Apr 23, 2006
Posts: 37

tested it works with rce even too when choose 0 region i.e all

Fri May 05, 2006 19 

Joined: Apr 23, 2006
Posts: 37

Im so happy, I can watch my dvds upscaled now on my lcd tv

Fri May 05, 2006 19 
Site Admin

Joined: Nov 17, 2003
Posts: 9972
Location: Brussels


Originally posted by james007:
how manny times we can chanes it?????

As often as you like.
Join MPC Club...

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Fri May 05, 2006 20 

Joined: Apr 05, 2006
Posts: 48
Location: London UK

Help with region free.

ok. ive updated the firmware to teh lastest, i had dvds playback problems as they were not playing at all just kept on crashing,

so i updated it with the dvd fix in one of the threads,

now i entered the region free code in and setted it to region 0

So far ive tried the following dvds:

Bad boys 2 R1
Blade 2 R1
Army of darkness R3
fist of the red dragon R1

everytime i play the dvd all i get is a blank screen,

fist of a red dragon worked but after a after about 2 min of black screen
bad boys 2 just show a pic of all the region codes saying it is intended to play on a non modified r1 player (i had no problems playing these dvds with all my other dvd players)

Hi jack can you shed some light please???? does anyone else have this problem????

Fri May 05, 2006 21 
New on MPC

Joined: Oct 02, 2004
Posts: 8

All region 2 dvd's play ok, region 1 only give me black screen.

Have updated machine with new firmware 3.025

Any clue?

Sat May 06, 2006 02 
Site Admin

Joined: Nov 17, 2003
Posts: 9972
Location: Brussels

Set it to region 0 and try playing the disks.

Info on Joining MPC CLUB

Sat May 06, 2006 08 

Joined: Jul 27, 2004
Posts: 75


Originally posted by dream_GR:
All region 2 dvd's play ok, region 1 only give me black screen.

Have updated machine with new firmware 3.025

Any clue?

same as me all region 2 disks work no region 1 no matter what i set the output to via HDMI lead, very anoying. I have set player to region 1 and 0 makes no difference. One thing i did notice after firmware update i did not have to re set up my player like the last time i did it is this normal?
Sat May 06, 2006 11 

Joined: Apr 07, 2006
Posts: 17

Hmmm, doesn't seem to work.

I upgraded to latest firmware and all seems to work ok. Tried the region free hack, and I cant get the region field to display. I hold default button and at the same time press 9 on the remote, but nothing happens. Is there something else I should be doing? Out of interest, should the default button do anything, as mine doesn't. Press it and nothing changes on the screen. Have I got a faulty machine?



Sat May 06, 2006 11 

Joined: Jul 27, 2004
Posts: 75

i has a similar problem then it just started working , i turned player on hold down default buttin and then tapped the no. 9 and it worked

Sat May 06, 2006 11 

Joined: Apr 07, 2006
Posts: 17

djcla. Thanks for that. I think the trick here is just to tap the 9 button. Anyway, straight in and changed to region 0.

Results - not very good i'm afraid. Region 2 and Divx still play ok but not in 16.9. Region 1 wont play, although i dont get the region incompatible error i used to get.

I tried setting to region 1 and that just made the dvd motor seem to hunt up and down and still no playback. Had to reset the machine to stop that.

So, i'm no further forward, but no further back either. Any more tricks to get it working guys?


Sat May 06, 2006 11 

Joined: Jul 27, 2004
Posts: 75

those that have got the region hack to work can you post the settings you use and connection type etc.

something like HDMI - Pal - 720P Region 0

Sat May 06, 2006 14 

Joined: Apr 23, 2006
Posts: 37

have been using region 0 ntsc 720p and 1080i I.e lcd are usually 60HZ (ntsc) pal is (50HZ) non lcd compatible.

Had one probelem with one dvd star trek nemesis stuttering on sound and video try other region 1's ok upscaling is good.

Firmware 3.0.25
I have also found better support for hd videos for example terminator 2 wmv hd plays off hdd without stutter now.

Sat May 06, 2006 16 



ReelBox PVR 1100
sodium writes "It seems that Reel multimedia has developed a box with a nice set of features.

DVB-Receiver, Videorecorder, DVD-Player and Homeserver - all in one! With the new ReelBox PVR 1100, you can receive hundreds of digital TV- and radio stations - via satellite, cable, or antenna. The ReelBox PVR 1100 offers quick speed dial, with a brilliant quality in image and sound.

No matter whether you would like to update a Software Module, build-in a larger hard drive, or add a WLAN-card - the open-source architecture of the ReelBox PVR 1100 makes it possible.

The ReelBox PVR 1100 S will be available at february - 2005 at your local specialty store. Recommended Retail price: € 699.

Posted by Hi-Jack on Friday, February 18 @ 09:05:05 CET (554 reads)


MPC's DivX Chip Opinion

MPC's DivX Chip Research Comparison!

Sure a lot of people have been offering their personal comments on the different chipsets available today and every single comment i have read on several forums, Hardware sites and other resources have come to a conclusion that one chip is better then the other. So, I started wondering if i would catch up on a lot of forums and list pros and contras of the different chipsets, what the outcome would be without looking at the prices of the players, based on a certain chipset. And the winner is...

No One!!

There's no such thing today as the better chipset unless you wish to point at Sigma's 8620L chip which is used in 1 player released today (US/Canada Avel LinkPlayer 2) but is far from stable or complete, in the way we expect that new chip to perform. Don't get me wrong, it is good and powerful, it just depends on the manufacturer how much he used it's power of which functions are activated or not. Now let's look at the fuss all first generation chipsets had to offer...

Cheap players and very powerful chips, in fact, the strongest one of the first generation while some referred to Mediatek as second generation.
Without possibilities for network Support one should never call any chipset a Second generation in my own opinion but this reference was made
to the fact Mediatek chipset 1389 series was able to play Qpel and 1-Point GMC encoded files (DivX Pro). Things most people forgot to discuss
is the bad Firmware support from Mediatek (Mass Distribution and too many different cheap Chinese/Japanese models), especially based on Subtitles
which luckily have been improved by the community and what about the newer DivX versions, that stutter on a lot of Mediatek players? And what about the ugly
menus, operating system and short filenames that are such a pain in the ass?

Sigma Designs
Oh yes, it's one of the older chips but it's support for the newer DivX versions is to be called superb if used correctly by the brands manufacturing the players based on this chip.
It's not only older, but obviously also weaker then Mediatek 1389 chip as it can't do Qpel or GMC but have you ever read what these options do? Basically u should
not use them for stand alone players, they don't add Quality on a DVD player, these options are made for PC and don't compare a P4 processor from Intel (400 Euro) to
a Sigma EM8550 chip (60 Euro). So... I can hear you say, the Mediatek can do it and yes, I agree, but the subtitles, the menus are far better on the Sigma based players
and not to mention, network support (including Wlan) which can make a lot of fun happen, including internal HDD Drive to store content. On top of that, ever seen
a Mediatek based player offering 10.000 Web Radio stations like some Sigma based players in the KiSS Range?

ESS Vibrato
One of the older players on the market and mostly used by Top Brands like JVC and Philips.
Never the less, one of the weakest on the market. Weaker as Sigma and Mediatek and very basic. The player for the very low end market is based on this chipset.
Hiteker, one brand that recently failed in business, used this chip a lot and everyone is aware of the very low quality and performance of these products except
some people that actually sold the players based on these chips that claim these are pretty good. They don't deliver against the other players.

Zoran Vaddis
Here's a player on the DVD market for years and as off the Zoran Vaddis 7 chip, they as well incorporated DivX support.
used by big players on the market like Samsung, they made an low entry in the market with a basic version of the 7 series chip.
We should not doubt that Zoran Vaddis 7 is eventually going to make a new chip that supports network and more so it's a player
to watch out for, if they really want a peace of the new market but it will take time and currently Zoran Vaddis is the underdog against
the cheap power of the Mediatek and the expensive options of the Sigma based players.

Philips Nexperia
Let's forget about this one, I don't like the product the ideology or anything in the Streamium series.
It's a half Media product solution and way to expensive.
To Philips: Let's make things better? Right?

Do we learn anything out of this little comparison. Let me tell you.
If you look at the topics of any forum dedicated to one brand of players, chips or whatever, you can see a lot of negative messages about the product. Everybody is spilling their guts on what they think, what they experience, but who's willing to invest a lot of time, to dig in deeper then the obvious roaming on top of everything? You are so damn right. hi-Jack :-)

Every chip has different sections where they stutter, block or have trouble with several codec's and formats. At this moment, chip version fro Mediatek and Zoran Vaddis are the most recent and strongest chips incorporated into a wid range of products but Sigma does not compare bad to these, if you consider the additional value of network and much wider user options (Web radio and Menus). Sigma Designs, ESS and Philips are currently working hard on new Chips for these type of players and Sigma seems to become the Nr1 again with it's vastly superior EM86xx series but the war is never over in the land of technology. It will always be a temporarily advantage against the others and it comes down on buying a nice product you like and enjoying it, hopefully with as less bugs or inconveniences as possible...

That said...
You now know the drill...
Don't bug me again about "which chip is the best" as I got fed up doing research during 14 days and will refuse to answer.
There's no such thing as the best chip. better ask yourself... Which offers the things closest to what I want and need! A lot easier to answer.
In the next months, to my needs the EM8620L chip looks like the best option but if you can live without all the new HDTV options and WMV9,
a Mediatek based players seems like a very small investment to make for a year until you are ready to join the Big Media League.

Copyright: MPC 2005
Story line: Hi-Jack

Posted by Hi-Jack on Wednesday, February 16 @ 09:19:45 CET


New Macro Vision.... Boeeeeehhhhh
Excuse me my language but i'm getting fed up with all thos so called companies defending copyright.
Where's the time people could actually still enjoy a movie without paying for all those needless protection
which eventually cost you even more money and does not stop anyone from duplicating DVD's.

With a new press release Macro Vision recruits its new copy protection procedure, which is to make rips of DVDs impossible. How the technology functions and whether incompatibility with existing DVD Players are to be feared is not told, yet it's the first question any customer will have after reading the press release.

Macro Vision is a pioneer for the copy protection off motion picture films, if we like it or not (and we don't). Almost any Video home system Recorder and each DVD Player is equipped with similar Macro Vision technology. The system is simple, there's a white gap which makes recorders fail, well, that's the basic explanation.

That is going to change now. Already in November 2004 Macro Vision had announced its system "RipGuard". Now the enterprise with a further press release tells the world: RipGuard is already in "selected" DVD 's available, the distribution of the first Discs take place in the second quarter of 2005. Which studios its DVDs wants to equip with it, is once again, kept silent. It would be hard to think any studio is willing to use new technology that renders their products unuseable on current existing DVD players but did we not see the same thing with Music cd's that could not be played on Computers or any devices using CD-Rom drives?

Likewise it is still completely unclear how RipGuard functions, and whether it thereby, similarly from the audio range, is incompatible with DVD Players. Also it is not well-known whether such Discs can be watched on a computer at all. So yes, it seems there's a risk customers are once more ripped of their money and limited in usability. That is exactly why "good" people, just keep finding ways to crack all the protections. Why they just not stop and offer the saved money on good deeds like Tsunami?

Instead of offering customers a wide range of usability, Macro Vision makes the argumentat of the contents industry too a few simple words:
"macro vision was developed to limit around DVD rips and it resulting from being supplied within illegal P2P."

Excuse me my language once again. Bull Shit!
Yes it happens, but no, there's enough people (the bigger part of the world) acquiting this media in a store, they get charged too much as most movies are "bull shit" as well and get all the limitations on top of that. Quote me on that please :-)

Legally, a new copy protection procedure is not at all necessary. As in the USA " the digitall copyrights Millenium act" (DCMA), forbids the 2002 in Germany reformed copyright going around a copy protection. Off course this does not stop anyone from doing it but creating new systems will only result in new possibilities... They might scare of some people, but more and more will do it as wasting all this money on this purpose will result in even higher prices and live is already, expensive enough.

Damn, i start sounding like Lord_Kiron.
I have to go wash my mouth now ( or hands better as i Typed this :-) )

Copyright: MPC 2005
Story Line: Hi-Jack

Posted by Hi-Jack on Tuesday, February 15 @ 20:51:40 CET (80 reads)


Logitech Z 5500 Digital
How much fun would one have without a decent surround system?
How much does such a system cost these days and what do you get in return?
Logitech once more comes up with an affordable solution for the low end market...

A PC multimedia home theater speaker system with 505 Watt (total)
Logitech has taken the award-winning Z-680 speaker system and made it even better.

By improving everything from the subwoofer to the satellites and adding new innovations like real-time digital sound equalization. The result is the Logitech Z-5500 Digital, a THX-certified, 500-watt 5.1 surround sound speaker system that offers everything you could possibly want... and some things you didn't even know you needed. And once you plug in your PC, DVD or music player, or video game console, you'll never want to listen to anything else.

More info:,CRID=2,CONTENTID=9486

Street price expected: 400 USD
Copyright: MPC 2005
Story Line: 2Groove

Posted by Hi-Jack on Tuesday, February 15 @ 11:12:02 CET


Modix, Nice, Easy, Expensive and Good?
MPC recently discussed the Modix, which from the outside looks like a normal Hard Drive case. 
The look is deceiving as a full Mpeg-Board is added, turning this device into an external HDD Case
and a DivX Media Player. The Modix HD-3510, made by the Korean Company Modix in White
or Black (As of march 2005). A wide variety of audio- en video formats are supported but unfortunately
WMV is not one of them. As with the iZak, also the Modix is capable of playing DVD ISO files stored
on the HDD and are recognized as fulle DVD's including Menu's and options. One strange fact on the
Modix is the Eject button (useless) on the remote control, which shows us that the Modix was initially
planned as a DVD External Casing with Media Player capabilities. The latest Bios update for the Modix,
only a few small issues are left to be looked at in the future but these are not really causing any headaches
during usage.

Tests on compatibility for differenct codes have shown that XVID is not played very well while DivX is fully stable.
This is considered a serious limitation as Xvid is one of the most popular Video codec's to date. All DivX-codec's up
to 5.2 cause no trouble. Once in a while, strange messages are shown which are not translated from Korean to
international languages supported but in general, the player delivers to what it promises to be able. The price you pay
for a unit is consider high, especially since there is no hard drive by default which has to be bought separately.

One unit is priced at 210 Euro.
Hopefully a new Firmware Update will solve the lack of Xvid support which will boost the value of the Modix.


Posted by Hi-Jack on Friday, February 04 @ 15:04:09 CET (57 reads)




Login and Registration Issues

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BBCode is a special implementation of HTML, whether you can use BBCode is determined by the administrator (you can also disable it on a per post basis from the posting form). BBCode itself is similar in style to HTML, tags are enclosed in square braces [ and ] rather than < and > and it offers greater control over what and how something is displayed. For more information on BBCode see the guide which can be accessed from the posting page.

Can I use HTML?
That depends on whether the administrator allows you too, they have complete control over it. If you are allowed to use it you will probably find only certain tags work. This is a safety feature to prevent people abusing the board by using tags which may destroy the layout or cause other problems. If HTML is enabled you can disable it on a per post basis from the posting form.

What are Smileys?
Smileys, or Emoticons are small graphical images which can be used to express some feeling using a short code, e.g. :) means happy, :( means sad. The full list of emoticons can be seen via the posting form. Try not to overuse smileys though, they can quickly render a post unreadable and a moderator may decide to edit them out or remove the post altogether

Can I post Images?
Images can indeed be shown in your posts. However, there is no facility at present for uploading images directly to this board. Therefore you must link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server, e.g. You cannot link to pictures stored on your own PC (unless it is a publicly accessible server) nor images stored behind authentication mechanisms, e.g. hotmail or yahoo mailboxes, password protected sites, etc. To display the image use either the BBCode [img] tag or appropriate HTML (if allowed).

What are Announcements?
Announcements often contain important information and you should read them as soon as possible. Announcements appear at the top of every page in the forum to which they are posted. Whether or not you can post an announcement depends on the permissions required, these are set by the administrator.

What are Sticky topics?
Sticky topics appear below any announcements in viewforum and only on the first page. They are often quite important so you should read them where possible. As with announcements the board administrator determines what permissions are required to post sticky topics in each forum.

What are Locked topics?
Locked topics are set this way by either the forum moderator or board administrator. You cannot reply to locked topics and any poll it contained is automatically ended. Topics may be locked for many reasons.


User Levels and Groups

What are Administrators?
Administrators are people assigned the highest level of control over the entire board. These people can control all facets of board operation which includes setting permissions, banning users, creating usergroups or moderators, etc. They also have full moderator capabilities in all the forums.

What are Moderators?
Moderators are individuals (or groups of individuals) whose job it is to look after the running of the forums from day to day. They have the power to edit or delete posts and lock, unlock, move, delete and split topics in the forum they moderate. Generally moderators are there to prevent people going off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material.

What are Usergroups?
Usergroups are a way in which board administrators can group users. Each user can belong to several groups (this differs from most other boards) and each group can be assigned individual access rights. This makes it easy for administrators to set up several users as moderators of a forum, or to give them access to a private forum, etc.

How do I join a Usergroup?
To join a usergroup click the usergroup link on the page header (dependent on template design), you can then view all usergroups. Not all groups are open access, some are closed and some may even have hidden memberships. If the board is open then you can request to join it by clicking the appropriate button. The user group moderator will need to approve your request, they may ask why you want to join the group. Please do not pester a group moderator if they turn your request down, they will have their reasons.

How do I become a Usergroup Moderator?
Usergroups are initially created by the board admin, they also assign a board moderator. If you are interested in creating a usergroup then your first point of contact should be the admin, try dropping them a private message.


Private Messaging

I cannot send private messages!
There are three reasons for this; you are not registered and/or not logged on, the board administrator has disabled private messaging for the entire board or the board administrator has prevented you from sending messages. If it is the later case you should try asking the administrator why.

I keep getting unwanted private messages!
In the future we will be adding an ignore list to the private messaging system. For now though if you keep receiving unwanted private messages from someone inform the board admin, they have the power to prevent a user from sending private messages at all.

I have received a spamming or abusive email from someone on this board!
We are sorry to hear that. The email form feature of this board includes safeguards to try and track users who send such posts. You should email the board administrator with a full copy of the email you received, it is very important this include the headers (these list details of the user that sent the email). They can then take action.


phpBB 2 Issues

Who wrote this bulletin board?
This software (in its unmodified form) is produced, released and is copyright phpBB Group. It is made available under the GNU General Public Licence and may be freely distributed, see link for more details

Why isn't X feature available?
This software was written by and licensed through phpBB Group. If you believe a feature needs to be added then please visit the website and see what phpBB Group have to say. Please do not post feature requests to the board at, the Group uses sourceforge to handle tasking of new features. Please read through the forums and see what, if any, our position may already be for a feature and then follow the procedure given there.

Who do I contact about abusive and/or legal matters related to this board?
You should contact the administrator of this board. If you cannot find who this you should first contact one of the forum moderators and ask them who you should in turn contact. If still get no response you should contact the owner of the domain (do a whois lookup) or, if this is running on a free service (e.g. yahoo,,, etc.), the management or abuse department of that service. Please note that phpBB Group has absolutely no control and cannot in any way be held liable over how, where or by whom this board is used. It is absolutely pointless contacting phpBB Group in relation to any legal (cease and desist, liable, defamatory comment, etc.) matter not directly related to the website or the discrete software of phpBB itself. If you do email phpBB Group about any third party use of this software then you should expect a terse response or no response at all.